Wireless Power

Fulton Innovation is the Driving Force

Did you know that Fulton Innovation is the driving force behind many of the wireless power innovations you see today. Fulton Innovation licenses the eCoupled® wireless power patent portfolio to bring wireless power solutions to life.

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Changing the Way the World Interacts with Technology

Fulton Innovation is dedicated to commercializing new & innovative technologies that improve life.

About Fulton Innovation

Since 2006, Fulton Innovation has been dedicated to commercializing new and innovative technologies that improve the way we live, work, and play. It has worked with a wide range of industry-leading companies to integrate wireless power technology into infrastructure and electronic devices to enable consumers to live a truly wireless life. Fulton Innovation offers eCoupled® intelligent wireless power, a technology framework that combines wireless power transfer techniques with an intelligent control system to allow for safe and efficient wireless power transfer to devices both in close proximity, or over distances (commonly referred to as ‘magnetic resonance’).

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Wireless Power—No Cords

What Is It?

Fulton Innovation is now licensing eCoupled® intelligent wireless power.

How does it work?

Wireless power transfer generally requires two coils, supply and receiving.

How can I get it??

Our technology is being licensed to companies  looking to bring wireless power products to market.

Latest Prototypes

Fulton Innovation has created dozens of prototypes and technology demonstrations. Browse a few of our prototypes here.


Our Licensing Process—Step-by-step


Our licensing process is designed to be simple and efficient—enabling companies swift entry into the rapidly-growing, potentially lucrative $8.5 billion  wireless power business. Click here to review our process and to get started.

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