Intelligent wireless power

Fulton Innovation is now licensing eCoupled® intelligent wireless power, a technology based on inductive coupling that allows for safe and efficient power transfer without wires.

Wireless power transfer is based on the principle of near-field resonant magnetic induction.  With magnetic induction, electricity travels via magnetic fields instead of through a physical connection of conductive materials like those found in a traditional power cord.


Wireless Power Transfer

Wireless power transfer generally requires two coils – a power supply coil (usually in a surface or pad), and a receiving coil (in a device).  A shared or coupled electromagnetic field is generated when the power supply and receiving coils are positioned near each other, which then wirelessly transfer power to or charges the device.

Fulton Innovation offers eCoupled intelligent wireless power, a technology framework that combines wireless power transfer techniques with an intelligent control system to allow for safe and efficient wireless power transfer to devices both in close proximity, or over distances (commonly referred to as ‘magnetic resonance’).

eCoupled Solutions

Wireless Power Standard

Fulton Innovation is a founding member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), which has established the Qi (pronounced “Chee”) wireless power standard.  The Qi standard has been adopted in many product categories.  Some representative products can be found at:  Wireless Power Consortium.


The ‘QI’ symbol is a trademark of the Wireless Power Consortium.