10 Mar

Fulton Opens Portfolio for Licensing

Fulton innovation, LLC Opens Wireless Power Intellectual Property Portfolio for Licensing

Licensing Model Enables Companies to Quickly Bring Wireless Power Products to Market

ADA, MI – March 10th, 2015 – Fulton Innovation LLC, today announced it is opening its eCoupled® intelligent wireless power IP portfolio of over 700 patents worldwide granted and pending for licensing to companies looking to enter the potential $8.5 billion wireless power business[i].

Fulton Innovation LLC has played a leading role in establishing the Qi global standard in wireless power and is a founding member of the Wireless Power Consortium.  As a subsidiary of Alticor Inc., Fulton Innovation LLC was able to invest early in the research, development and commercialization of intelligent wireless power for consumer electronics and automotive applications.  Licensing partners can leverage over a decade of experience, research and technology that Fulton brings to the table.

As the wireless market evolves, Fulton Innovation LLC and its parent company, Alticor Inc., continue to look for avenues that bring the best value and opportunities to the business and its partners.

[i] IHS Wireless Power Report 2014

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